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Radiant Skincare Set

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Transform your skin with the Maia Radiant Skincare Set. This professional-grade anti-aging powerhouse targets dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and dull skin. Its top tier quality ingredients plump and regenerate skin, boost collagen production, and prevent premature aging. Wake up to a rejuvenated complexion every day!

In this set: HA Peptides Serum, Kojic Brightening Serum, Growth Factor Moisturizer, Retinol Repair Cream, and Rescue Pads Exfoliate & Brighten. (Check individual product for benefits)

How to use: [AM] After cleansing face, Apply HA Peptides serum to damp skin and let it absorb. Apply Sunscreen before going out. 

[PM] After cleansing face, Apply HA Peptides serum to damp skin and let it absorb. Then apply Kojic Brightening Serum and let it absorb. After that, apply Growth Factor Moisturizer. 

[PM] Last step of your skincare routine, Apply Retinol Repair Cream. But start out with 3 times a week first, then when your skin get used to it, increase to once every 2 days. For mature/aging skin, gradually increase to once every other day. 

[Don't use Retinol Repair Cream the same time as Rescue Pads as two very active ingredients could cause redness and irritation.] To avoid irritation, you can use Rescue Pads in the morning and Retinol Repair Cream at night or use them on different days of each other.

Made in USA Laboratories.


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