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Nutrient-Dense Blue-Green Algae Superfood. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to nourish your whole body. Experiencing a change today!

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Maia Radiant Skincare

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Radiant Skincare line is created to treat skin problems, rejuvenate skin cells, and revive them to be healthier and more glowy. The products are created with my love and care for skin. We embrace Clean Beauty with effective ingredients that give you professional results like you would get in a med spa.

Maia Feminine Care


Which area is more delicate than your face? It's your intimate area! That is why you need to care for them gently with clean and natural ingredients. Maia Feminine Wash is very gentle and soothing to your intimate area. It balances the PH level, gets rid of the bad bacteria while keep the good bacteria. It prevents itching, yeast infection, and foul smell. Your Hoo-Ha feeling fresh, clean, and moist.