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Vitamin Pearl Capsules | Stem Cell Placenta Gluta

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You can Mix with Ginseng Brightening Eye Serum, Vitamin Queen Capsules, Perfect Collagen Whitening Sun Cream, Makeup Cleansing Gel.

Benefits: This vitamin concentrated capsules are made of stem cell, placenta, and gluta that is a potent combination for younger, firmer skin. It also contain vitamin E, vitamin A, and other vital nutrients that are known for its moisturizing properties and the reverse aging process. The vitamin oil inside the capsule is in its purest form and highly concentration to deeply moisturize your skin, protect your skin against free radicals, promote cell regeneration, contain anti-inflammatory properties, and reduce hyperpigmentation. 

How to use: Use by itself after serum or Combine with your daily night cream.

Made in Japan. 


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